The Edwards HR Approach

Our philosophy is simple – when the people and process components of your business equation are right,
your bottom line will benefit.

We keep this philosophy at the core of everything we do to ensure our solutions are a value-add for your business.

Here's how it works in practice:

Edwards HR - People, Process, Profit
  • The right people in the right roles with the required skills and training

  • The required level of performance

  • Purpose-driven leadership

  • Leaders who lead by example

  • Reliable teams with the right cultural fit

  • Appropriate organisational structure

  • Appropriate employment agreements

  • Legal contractor 

  • People strategy aligned to business goals

  • Fit-for-purpose recruitment and onboarding

  • Consistent performance review process

  • Appropriate policies and procedures

  • Prompt and appropriate handling of issues

  • Suitable retention and engagement strategies

  • Suitable remuneration structure

  • Clear, consistent communication

  • Regular compliance checks

  • Business risk mitigation

  • Improved brand reputation

  • Happy customers

  • Improved productivity and knowledge retention

  • Increased employee commitment to
    your business

  • Reduced staff turnover

  • Reduced recruitment costs

  • Less time spent
    handling issues

  • Business positioned to defend unfair dismissal claims (and others)