Outsourced HR Solutions

Whether you’re an organisation requiring additional support for your existing HR team, or an organisation looking for a fully outsourced solution, we’ve got you covered. 

Our fixed price HR Management Packages are customised to you – tailor-made to suit any business size, budget and service requirement level.

Our services and team scales in line with your business needs. We can tailor-make a custom package that suits you perfectly.

HR strategies developed for your business are customised to you, your people, your goals and your required timeframe.

A single point of contact and a dedicated outsourced team member who knows your business, for advice and guidance when you need it.

With 40 years of experience in human resources within heavy industry and related sectors.

Outsourced Recruitment Solutions

In addition to our complete outsourced solutions, we also provide recruitment services to suit your hiring needs. A dedicated recruitment consultant from our team can work within your business, either onsite, remotely, or a combination of both, for your preferred timeframe and number of days per week.

This is a much more cost-effective option than the traditional ‘per placement’ fee model that recruiters commonly adopt, and allows you to benefit from the extensive experience our team has in HR, recruitment, and heavy industry.

Brisbane-based business, servicing Queensland and beyond.

Dedicated advice and support for all HR and pay matters:

Contact us for a simple, fixed price quote that will take away your HR headaches.

How it works - your dedicated external HR manager

Over the short term or long term, we will work towards agreed HR goals and inclusions, by appointing a dedicated HR manager to look after your human resource needs. We are flexible in how we go about this and work with you to customise the package and inclusions to you and your requirements.

Our full-service HR management service will see our team work alongside yours to develop, review and implement a HR plan which is customised to you, your people, your business, your challenges and your goals. We will work with your existing resources as well as ours and,  partner with you on a 12-month basis (or for a longer or shorter period if you prefer). At the end of the 12 months, you can choose to continue for another annual period, or longer.

Everything is flexible to your unique business needs, preference, and size. Your dedicated HR manager can work with you on-site at your location or remotely, and as often as you need – whatever works best for you and your goals.

In most cases, your HR manager will work with you for 2-3 days every week over the term – but we can easily customise your package to whichever frequency you require. If you need someone on-site once a week, once a month, or basically full-time, just let us know and we can make it happen with a customised package that’s perfect for you.

Remote HR Management Packages:

Our remote, outsourced HR Management Packages are perfect for businesses that do not need an HR professional onsite regularly. They typically comprise the following annual inclusions, with the options to customise or tailor-make a variation to suit your exact needs. 

Standard remote HR Management Package inclusions:

  • On-call HR advice with a dedicated point of contact (no call centres);
  • HR Health Check and payroll audit on commencement;
  • HR Roadmap detailing our audit findings and detailed recommendations to ensure your compliance obligations are taken care of and you’re on track to achieving HR best practice;
  • Implementation of our recommendations progressively over the 12-month term;
  • Employment contract template tailored to your needs, and contracts drafted for any new starters;
  • HR foundations established, such as company policies, procedures, pay and performance review process, onboarding tools, position descriptions etc, as necessary for your business;
  • Drafting of documents, letters, warnings, etc required to action our advice;
  • Employer tips and updates to your inbox every fortnight;
  • 12-month term (no automatic renewals or roll-over);
  • 4-6 site visits throughout the term at no additional charge (with optional add-ons for more frequent onsite support).

You can opt for a simple, monthly investment or receive a 5% discount when you pay annually, upfron

Want something else?

Our annual packages can be tailor-made to you. We offer optional add-ons, like more frequent onsite support, employee training and more. We can also adjust your package timeframe to whatever suits you.

Unlike other HR companies who follow a one-size-fits-all approach, we’re happy to customise your package to suit you. Rather than having a bunch of ‘tools’ laying around that you don’t need, we want you to have the right tool for the right application, and when you need it. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss your HR needs and we will design you a custom package, or variant to the common package inclusions above, to create the best fit for your business.

Remote HR Management Package benefits

HR advice - unlimited and on-call

On-call advice when you need it most, from an expert experienced in HR for heavy industries.

Dedicated HR manager

No call centres. Just personalised service from your outsourced team member.

12 month term

No long term contracts. No auto-renewals. A locked-in price for 12 months (or whichever period you prefer).

Compliance simplified

Your obligations taken care of. Without the stress.

Fixed price inclusions - customised to you

A fixed price means no surprises. But we work with you to find a custom package (and price) that matches exactly what you need. No more, no less. 


5% discount

When you pay annually, upfront. 

Book a free consultation

We offer a free 30-minute HR consultation and a review of your existing employment agreement, along with our no-obligation recommendations.