Our free HR Health Check is a self-assessment tool designed to take a snapshot of your current business practices where each ‘No’ or ‘Unsure’ response represents a potential risk or opportunity for improvement for your business.

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Business owners and managers are responsible for understanding and complying with Australia’s complex employment relations laws if they employ workers within their operations. In the eyes of the regulatory bodies, ignorance or misinterpretation of employment laws are not a valid excuse for non-compliance. This tool will help you understand if you’re on track and where you could improve.

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Disclaimer: This self-assessment tool does not cover all areas of employer best practice and compliance, and is not intended as legal advice.

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Pay & Entitlements

01 Are you confident each of your employees are covered by the correct Modern Award, including the correct classification or level?*
(Remember, different Modern Awards may apply to different occupations within the same business).
02 Are your employees being paid all applicable entitlements? Examples include but are not limited to:*
Overtime • Weekend and public holiday penalty rates • Allowances (eg. leading hand, tradespeople/tools, uniforms, work boots, wet/hot/cold weather, first aid, meals etc) • Casual loading • Shift loadings • Meal breaks • Superannuation • Annual wage increases
03 Do you understand the 11 National Employment Standards and how they apply to your employees?*
04 If any employees are paid a flat/loaded rate or annual salary, are the arrangements better than what the employee/s would be entitled to if they were paid as per the Award hourly rate and other applicable entitlements? Is there a record of this calculation and do you re-assess each time rosters change and Award rates increase?*
05 If you make a deduction from an employees pay, do you obtain their approval in writing prior?*
(Eg. in the case of an overpayment or employee repaying an amount the employer paid on their behalf)
06 If you employ casuals, do you understand your obligations with relation to offering permanent employment after 12 months?*