What we do: HR consulting, outsourced HR management solutions and dedicated support

What we offer

We work with business owners, leaders and HR teams, offering the full range of human resources services, including document drafting, compliance and auditing, recruitment, consulting projects, and learning and mentoring packages.

We also offer complete HR management and recruitment solutions that provide the support, guidance and expertise your business needs on an ongoing basis.

Whether you need specialist advice, help with a project, or support ongoing, we can help. From hire to retire, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

Depending on your requirements, we offer our HR solutions on an hourly basis, a fixed fee basis or with a tailor-made package for ongoing support.

Tailor-made solutions and packages

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to HR, so we tailor our solutions to our clients’ needs.

All of our solutions are customisable and fit-for-purpose, meaning they are built to suit you, your business, needs and budget.

Do you need...

  • Help to create an employment contract or company policies?
  • Advice on how to deal with a difficult situation or employee?
  • Help to understand the award/s that apply to your team, and how to pay them properly?
  • Has your business grown large enough to need ongoing HR Support – but not yet large enough to need a full-time role?
  • Or do you need additional help and resources for the more time-consuming or advanced areas of human resource management?
We can help with these, and many other situations – get in touch with us today.

Our HR solutions

Full-Service HR Management Packages

We offer fully customisable HR management packages, that are tailored to your specific requirements and budget, for whatever timeframe you need our assistance. If you are not sure where to begin, we can start with the inclusions that most heavy industry businesses require, and customise your package from there. 

Document and Contract Drafting

Whether you need an employment contract, contractor agreement, company policies, employee handbooks, help to compile official letters, or anything in between, we can help. 

Consulting Solutions

Strategy and planning, recruiting and retaining people, managing people, business and people improvement and separation. We provide consulting solutions across the HR scope, no matter your challenge, project, industry or business size. 

Compliance and Audits

More than 95% of businesses we speak with have at least two HR practices that are non-compliant with Australian employment legislation or a Modern Award. We can help you meet your compliance requirements easily through our auditing and HR Health Check services.


Our recruitment team will set you up for success, ensuring you get the right people in the right roles, the first time. Whether you need help with one element of recruitment or end-to-end recruitment services, the team at Edwards HR can help. We are experienced in the people, roles and requirements of heavy industry and related services, and can make sure you have the right people for the right roles.

HR Foundations Mentoring Program

Managing HR can be overwhelming and frustrating. There are so many areas to be across at once. Our HR Foundations Mentoring Program is an annual program for junior and in-house HR professionals, that teaches the HR foundational concepts in a practical way, so you can begin building essential foundations for your business. Learn, grow, network and improve your business along the way – it’s a win-win.

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