Strategy & Planning


Strategy & Planning

Aligning your people, processes and plans to your wider business goals.

Don’t know how to fit your people in to your overall business strategy?

Do you need a plan for growth, restructuring or downsizing?

Prefer to have an enterprise agreement instead of referring to Modern Awards?

Our HR Consulting Solutions can support your business with:

  • People strategy

  • Growth planning

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Downsizing and restructuring

  • Compliance services

  • Succession planning

  • Change management

  • Culture assessments

  • Enterprise agreement drafting and negotiations

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No HR team? No problem!

Edwards HR offers fixed price business partner packages to suit any budget or business size. 


On call HR advice

when you need it most

HR Manager

= no call centres



obligations taken care of


12 month terms

= no long term contracts


10% discount

when you pay annually