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Handling the separation process legally and amicably.

Unsure why people keep leaving?

Need guidance handling a termination?

Do you have an employee who wants to transition to retirement?

Our HR Consulting Solutions can support your business with:

  • On-call advice

  • Resignations

  • Retirement

  • Terminations / dismissals

  • Redundancies

  • Exit interviews and assessing reasons for leaving

  • Recommending initiatives to retain team members

  • Determining notice and entitlements

Contact us for your free, no obligation 15 minute phone consultation.

No HR team? No problem!

Edwards HR offers fixed price business partner packages to suit any budget or business size. 


On call HR advice

when you need it most

Account Manager

= no call centres

Fixed price inclusions

= no surprises


12 month terms

= no long term contracts


5% discount

when you pay annually

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