Recruiting & Retaining People


Engaging the right people in the right roles, keeping them happy and

reducing turnover.

Having trouble finding the best people and keeping them?

Need a contract, employee handbook or induction process?

Want to understand whether you truly have a great business culture?

Our HR Consulting Solutions can support your business with:

  • Drafting employment contracts

  • Drafting contractor agreements

  • Induction and onboarding tools

  • Employee and contractor handbooks

  • Recruitment services

  • Culture surveys

  • Talent management

  • Employee benefits

  • Reward and recognition strategies

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No HR team? No problem!

Edwards HR offers fixed price business partner packages to suit any budget or business size. 


On call HR advice

when you need it most

HR Manager

= no call centres

Fixed price inclusions

= no surprises


12 month terms

= no long term contracts


10% discount

when you pay annually