Urgent Alert - Qld Lockdown

From 4pm today (Saturday 31 July 2021) residents of Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redlands, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Somerset, Lockyer Valley and Scenic Rim, are in mandatory lockdown until 4pm on Tuesday 3 August 2021.

Residents of these areas can only leave home for the following reasons:

1. To buy essential items such as groceries or medication;

2. To work if you can’t work from home – no school except for children of essential workers;

3. Exercise within 10km from home;

4. To seek healthcare or provide help, care or support to another person, including getting a Covid-19 vaccination.

Masks must be worn anywhere outside of your home for residents of these areas, including in workplaces.

You can read more about this lockdown on the Queensland Premiers Facebook page here.


To ensure this circuit breaker effort is successful, we all need to play our part. Accordingly, Employers should complete the following actions:

1. Assess whether employees can work from home. To help you make arrangements, you can download the Working From Home Toolkit from our website for free – click here.

2. Revisit your Covid-safe plans, particularly hygiene measures, to ensure they remain suitable for your business in the current situation.

3. Ensure all employees who are unable to work from home are provided with a mask to wear. Restock all other supplies such as hand sanitiser, gloves, cleans pens and anything else necessary as per your Covid-safe plan.

4. Contact or meet with your team (including labour hire, contractors etc) and brief them on your business's requirements. If there will be changes for such as working from home, instead of coming to the workplace), try to contact those impacted before they are next due to be at work. This lockdown is a little different to the past as it’s commencing on a weekend.

5. Remind your team to keep an eye on the Queensland Government’s Contact Tracing (Exposure Sites) webpage.

Together we will get through this but we all need to play our part.


As always, the team at Edwards HR are here to answer your questions and provide support across all areas of HR. You can reach us on the details below:

Emma Edwards – 0459 818 011 or emma@edwardshr.com.au

Alicia Hansen – 0497 497 342 or alicia@edwardshr.com.au Feel free to share this offer with others in your network.

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