Last Employer Update for 2020!

And just like that, December has arrived!

We’ve put together this brief update to fill you in on what you need to know between now and your well-earned break over the festive season.

CHRISTMAS PARTIES Christmas parties are a great time to get everyone together and celebrate the year. While many people are keen to let their hair down, you should remember that work-related functions are an extension of the workplace no matter when or where they are held. Your team should be reminded of this, along with your expectations about appropriate behaviour while enjoying themselves. Edwards HR is not here to be the fun police so if you do feel like laughing at other people’s mistakes, take a read of Business Insider’s funniest holiday party stories. Just note that we do not condone any of them! In case you missed our email last week, check out our top 5 tips for preparing your team (and yourself) for the festive season in our blog over here.

PAYROLL DATA SHARED WITH THE ATO & CENTRELINK – ARE YOU COMPLIANT? Single touch payroll was introduced back in 2018 and now sends employer payroll data straight to the ATO for superannuation and tax compliance purposes. We have said since the beginning that it will only be a matter of time before this data also links to the Fair Work Ombudsman to combat their wage and underpayment compliance initiatives. While there is no formal indication of this yet, what we have seen recently is the ATO’s single touch payroll data shared with Services Australia (Centrelink), and the data matching process flagging 135,000 JobKeeper payment discrepancies. They have proven that the ATO and Centrelink can quickly match data through previously unrelated systems and identify discrepancies, so now is the time to organize your HR Health Check with Edwards HR to ensure you are compliant before the single touch payroll data is used for wage and underpayment compliance purposes. More info below including a 15% discount!

HR HEALTH CHECK – 15% OFF In 2020, our HR Health Check has been one of our most popular services. It’s a compliance and best practice assessment of your current systems, practices and documents relating to 8 priority areas including pay/entitlements, contracts, recruitment/induction, contractors, policies, training, record keeping and injury management. We are sending 2020 off with a bang by offering a discount we have never offered before – 15% off this fixed price service, reducing it to only $1695 +GST*. This service includes a meeting at your premises to conduct the assessment and provide guidance, as well as the provision of a written findings report, including our detailed recommendations. It is usually valued at $1995 +GST. It's a small price to pay when compared with the fines, disgruntled employees and reputational damage that come with getting it all wrong. Contact Emma on 0459 818 011 or Cindy on 0497 497 342 to secure your spot! * Discounted price is available for bookings made prior to 24/12/2020, and service must be scheduled for attendance at your premises between 1/12/2020 and 29/1/2021. Additional travel charges may apply outside of Brisbane and Logan Council Areas.

CHANGES TO OVERTIME FOR CASUALS From 20 November 2020, most awards were updated to reflect a change to the way overtime is calculated for casual employees. In short, overtime for these employees will now be calculated using their casual ordinary rate including casual loading. Not sure how your business could be impacted? Read our full update here.

As always, the team at Edwards HR are here to answer your questions and provide support across all areas of HR. You can reach us on the details below: Emma Edwards – 0459 818 011 or Cindy Bennett – 0497 497 342 or Feel free to share this update with your network!

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