Managing People

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Managing People

Establishing  processes & guidelines, and providing the support you need when things are not going to plan.

Don’t have a HR team but need someone to call?

Issues with performance, conflict, sexual harassment or cultural differences?

Someone calling in sick all the time?

Our HR Consulting Solutions can support your business with:

  • Policy and procedure drafting

  • On Call HR advice

  • Outsourced HR

  • Award / EA interpretation

  • Handling employee issues

  • Performance management

  • Disciplinary matters

  • Workplace investigations

  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying matters

  • Conflict resolution

  • Injury management

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No HR team? No problem!

Edwards HR offers fixed price business partner packages to suit any budget or business size. 


On call HR advice

when you need it most

HR Manager

= no call centres

Fixed price inclusions

= no surprises


12 month terms

= no long term contracts



obligations taken care of