How to Find the Right People for your Team in 2023

Published January 2023

2023 has kicked off with a bang and we have many clients talking to us about new projects and new opportunities, which also means recruitment for new team members.

The employment market has changed significantly over the past few years and what once worked in 2020 is no longer the way to successfully recruit in 2023. We have also seen increases to salary expectations, changes to what people are looking for in a new role and longer notice periods than ever before (we are talking 4-8 weeks).

If your team will grow this year, the time to plan and take action is now. Get ahead of the game and your competitors by speaking with the Edwards HR team about how we can help.

Our unique business partner approach to recruitment will ensure you find the right person for your team the first time around and save you around 40% of what you would spend with a traditional recruitment agency. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?!

For more guidance about this update, or to find out how Edwards HR can support your business, contact our team today on 07 3568 0866.

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